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In this online Strength & Power workshop APEC will deliver two presentations outlining strength and power development and its importance with in modern day S&C programing and training systems.

The first presentation will provide you with the understanding of advanced strength and power mythology, accommodating resistance and velocity based training (VBT)

The second presentation will provide you with the need for correct exercise selection, the different forms of periodization and programing fundamentals.

The practical videos will provide you with the correct coaching cues and exercise selection for strength and power based programing as well as identifying the best exercise for building maximum strength in athletes as well as developing fast explosive power.

APEC’s Online Strength & Power Workshop will encompass:

  • APEC’s advanced strength & power methodology
  • Correlation between strength & power
  • FV curve and appropriate power training zone
  • Acute methods for strength & power development
  • Accommodating resistance – bands & chains
  • Velocity Based Training (VBT)
  • Periodization & Programming fundamentals