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The Sporting Excellence Professional program is a great avenue for learners to undertake formal training to enhance their knowledge, skills and behaviours while being employed in a relevant job. Employees are provided with an opportunity to attain formal qualifications by combining theoretical learning with on the job development. The Sporting Excellence Professional program will typically be 12 months in duration. The delivery of the learning will be a mix of on the job development, classroom-based learning, and online sessions.

The aim of the sporting excellence professional programme is to produce graduates who are competent to perform consistently and effectively in training environments and competition. As such, learners will be part of a playing team supported and managed by a wider multi-disciplinary team including a manager/coach, skills coaches, physiotherapist, psychologist, nutritionist, strength and conditioning expert, and educational staff.
Learners have a high level of autonomy, in terms of responsibility for what happens on the field of play and need to be able to cope with extreme pressure.

The majority of learning will take place during the day to day work of the athlete. APEC will provide guidance and structure to shape learning, reflection, and development through the necessary knowledge skills and behaviours needed to graduate. Alongside sport-specific development, learners will also receive external training in essential disciplines related to sporting performance. Learners will receive professional qualifications in nutrition, training science, and first aid to enhance their applied skills and ability to work outside of professional sport.


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